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Shoes! Xie zi!

Yuer's Life by Jani

Dear Yuer! It's been a long time since I last updated this diary for you. You've grown a lot and too many things have happened to list everything. You're now two days away from turning 11 months old. ...Read more

Happy 6-month birthday!

Yuer's Life by Jani

Wow. It feels like it was just last week when we brought you home from the hospital. You were such a tiny little baby. You are still as cute or even cuter than you were back then, but you are already ...Read more

Almost half a year!

Yuer's Life by Jani

My dear little princess! I guess later on when you will read this, you will also want to see what I wrote to your brother Fei. And then you'll realize that I wrote a blog for him much more frequently ...Read more

Happy 3-month birthday!

Yuer's Life by Jani

Today is a special day for you, my little princess - you were born exactly 3 months ago! You've grown a lot and even though you're still a tiny little baby, you're already a family member and it would...Read more

Visiting the doctor and the first laughs

Yuer's Life by Jani

Your life has been filled with laugh and tears in the past few days. First, it was time for your two-month check-up at the pediatrician. Just like all the other kids, this was also the time for your f...Read more

Welcome and happy 2-month birthday!

Yuer's Life by Jani

Dear Yuer!

You just turned two months old, and this is the first chance I get to write for you. You know, ever since you came to our life everything has been very very hectic! Even as I write this...
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Yuer's Life by Jani

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"I just posted a blog interview with Sebastien, the guy who is responsible of the French translation of Xiha and the French moderation!  See here: blog.transfluent.com/en/2012/0...-story-of-sebastien-and-utopos"

My name is Jani. I'm a 38 year old man living in Las Vegas, United States. I speak English, Chinese (Mandarin Simplified), Finnish and Swedish.

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I'm writing this blog for my little daughter, Yuer. I'm writing down things so that she can read about her early days when she grows up.

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