1. Lily | 12/10/2008 | English
Jill, the star of every Cake Mania game, is fretting over the
details of her upcoming marriage. Just when she thinks everything will
work out, the Time Bender artifact she received at the end of Cake
Mania 2 is shattered into half a dozen pieces! Each of her friends
picks up a shard and is transported to a different period in history,
from the prehistoric era to ancient China, Egypt, and more. In order to
bring them back, Jill must visit each location and — you guessed it —
bake cakes!

The overall objective of Cake Mania 3 is to serve customers the cake
they ordered as fast as possible to earn more cash. Bake the right
cake, put the correct icing on top, add any extras and take it to the
customer right away. Between levels, use the money to upgrade to
faster, more efficient machines, buy Jill better shoes so she can walk
faster, or to purchase additional items that help you squeeze a little
extra money out of each patron.

Customer types in Cake Mania 3 have a more direct affect on gameplay
than before. For example, if a leader walks in to your store, he must
be served before any other customer. Robin Hood also makes an
appearance and will steal money off of the counter, encouraging you
make cash-gathering trips a top priority. These little touches add just
the slightest twist to the gameplay and get you to change your playing

It's great to see such an established franchise branch out and embrace
new ideas. Cake Mania 3 goes a long way to removing the same old
atmosphere present in previous games (and in most resource management
titles). Part of this is due to the extraordinary variety in artwork
and styles, all of which are bright, colorful, creative and fun. Jill's
outfit changes depending on what time period she's in, which is a
subtle but effective way to brighten up the look of the game.

Once you're over the initial visual upgrade and have digested the
somewhat odd storyline, Cake Mania 3 settles into familiar territory.
Maybe too familiar for some, as the mechanics have barely been tweaked
since the last release. Building and serving cakes is the same no
matter what time period you're in, and I would have loved to see the
process shifted a bit to compensate for each era's technological

Cake Mania 3 starts off very slowly, so you'll have to spend a
little time digging into the game before you get to the really good
stuff. And this game has more hidden gameplay gems than the previous
titles, such as unlockable mini-games. Cake Mania 3 is different from
its predecessors in many ways, but the changes are all for the better
and make it a fun, interesting, and often zany experience.

 2. jess_falero | 11/02/2012 | Spanish
como puta descaro esta mierda
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