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The Jailbreak/ Mod is finally made public, and s we reported earlier, you can now backup your PS3 games and run them from HDD (harddisk) without having to put the BluRay disc int he drive.

Spanish site Elotrolado has reviewed the new method of Jailbreaking/ Modding your PS3, which of course proves that USB mod works.

How to Jailbreak, Mod PS3 via USB


  • Works with any PlayStation 3 (FAT or SLIM) running firmware 3.41 or above.
  • PS Jailbreak USB Modchip (Available from ChipSpain or OzModChip).
  • USB pen drive with FAT32 with the “Backup Manager” file :  Download.
  • Original BluRay disc of  the PS3 game you wish to backup.

Step 1: Power off your console and without disc.

For the PS3 SLIM: Remove the power chord before plugging in the USB.

For the PS3 FAT: Turn off the power switch found at the backside of the console.

Step 2: Plug your USB jailbreak and Power ON the
console and immediately press the “Eject” button. Console should show
two LEDs turned-on.

Now, the USB LED should turn green, this indicates that you are good to go as the PS Jailbreak has been successfully loaded.

If it turns red: This usually happens when the Power and Eject button sequence wasn’t performed properly. Start over.

Step 3: Hold on while it boots, when done,  plug-in
the external USB storage device (pendrive or HDD) which has the “Backup
Manager” setup to the console’s USB port.

Step 4: Open the “Game Menu” and select the option “Install Package Files” and then select “manager.pkg”.

This will install the “Backup Manager” application that does all future tasks.

When done, scroll down to “Game Menu” and run “Backup Manager”

Step 5: Fearlessly, insert the game BluRay dvd in
the drive which you want to backup. Press “O” on joystick and you will
be prompted on where to keep the backup — Options being  internal HDD or
the external USB drive.

Running Games from Backup

Insert any game Dvd (to fake loading process) and  run “Backup
Manager” in the “Game Menu”. Press “X” to play the selected backup game.

Inside the “Game Menu” you will see a list of games you have backed
up. Select the game, and run it without having the disc in the console’s

IMPORTANT: At all times, keep the PS Jailbreak USB Modchip connected to your console as long as you are playing backedup games.

Enjoy the freedom.

Read more: geeknizer.com/jailbreak-mod-ps3/#ixzz1tNaWRJUG

Author: Tarandeep Singh on August 21, 2010
(Link: geeknizer.com/jailbreak-mod-ps3/)
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