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Xiha connects the people of the world through a multilingual, cross-cultural exchange.

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delicia♡❤ commented on status update by ♡ Rosaliyahh ♡: ""Black niggas an Jay" bruh. XDD smh but lawwd can yall juh..not fightt be happyy xc"
♡ Rosaliyahh ♡ commented on status update by ♡ Rosaliyahh ♡: "BC me n Jay dated she got mad bc she had em after me Jay had alot of gf but he ain fuck all dme he fucked 2 of em i think anyways u noe my house got brokein into frfr car fucked up so im at aalee house till they repair all myy stuff..well Dwayne called me n ha at 6 sum n tol us to come hlp wids his daughter party tha guys cookin outside me n aalee cookin inside n everybody else put tha ribbons n shyt up cuh his daughter at ha momma house so ya u needa come hlp !! Xc ..anywayss erbody lookin all tired no make up juh fucked up n here come terrae widd ha ass n chest out make upn hair done like...ok ? N den she gone come n try tha food n said lele more spice lele slapped tf outta ha n said there she saod bitch aalee was like bitch ? I got cho bitch n grabbed tha knife i was ry der inna middle so i moved up n kept cookin n Dwayne took it frr ha n looked terrae up n down n wha like tf u wearin n started laughin...he so mean n i giggled whhnhe said tht n she wha like bitch who u laughin at im thinkin she talkin to dwayne fucked up n turned around..she lookin me dead in my face i said yo ass she got in my face n i pushed ha bck n kept cookin bitch gone say im scared n juh stared talkin frm ha mouf..soo me n ha got into it she act like she wha gone punch n i grabbed ha wrist an Murder She Wrote dats whn all dem black niggas an Jay XDD came in n yupssss oh welllsss c:"
35 minutes ago
Lan commented on status update by Lan: "go on photos between blogs and forum , then look for a orange button then ul c the same button again press dat and it takes u 2 ur picture files , pik a picture  and press open then ur done"
37 minutes ago   Translate
Insanecrazekiller and Lan are friends!
42 minutes ago
♡ Rosaliyahh ♡
Bruh .
44 minutes ago
避风港 replied to forum topic "中国移动骗人陷阱 17951+电话号码=陷阱" by Aamu.
About an hour ago
joseph and Insanecrazekiller are friends!
about 2 hours ago
Insanecrazekiller commented on status update by Insanecrazekiller: "I'm 12"
Jade commented profile of Chance: "Hi chance"
about 2 hours ago   Translate

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