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Xiha connects the people of the world through a multilingual, cross-cultural exchange.

Simultaneous, real-time translation allows Xiha citizens to share travel tips, pictures, music, videos, games, knowledge and perspectives.

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Niggas ❤ Whinny commented on status update by Dwayne : "IF yo big ugly ass dnt lemmme alone always messin wth meeeeeee damn ima get cho bae or gurl or crush wtf eva yall do on yu..who uhh laya alya lee sumin lyke dat she cute tuh gone head but lemme alone"
Ålaya lee commented on status update by Ålaya lee : "Girlllll. Big bet. Huge bet. Large bet. Bounce dat azz bet left cheek right cheek bet. Drop it low bring it bck gimme gimme nah bet twerk sum bet bet nigga bet!  Lmao"
13 minutes ago   Translate
♥♥My Sister's Keeper♥♥ commented on status update by Ålaya lee : "Ctfu biggg bet"
Ålaya lee
O I'm coo  on him ✋  nene ctfuu I'm good
16 minutes ago
Now winter noooooo...she my Muffin XDD
17 minutes ago
he moans Ellaaaa~ (;❤ commented on status update by he moans Ellaaaa~ (;❤: "Ctfu ik don't nobody want uuu anyway where bae?"
Ry.Ry and Niggas ❤ Whinny are friends!
24 minutes ago
Nø Wørríęs Løve
He so fuckin ugly thoo xD
26 minutes ago
papi ivory commented on status update by he moans Ellaaaa~ (;❤: "I jus met u u liar u cx"
Nicole and ∞ H.A.I.L.E.Y∞ are friends!
32 minutes ago

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