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Xiha connects the people of the world through a multilingual, cross-cultural exchange.

Simultaneous, real-time translation allows Xiha citizens to share travel tips, pictures, music, videos, games, knowledge and perspectives.

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samantha commented profile of Lan: "hello i cant sleep ether"
54 minutes ago
shiva and samantha are friends!
54 minutes ago
"Miss Jackson"

Climbing out the back door, didn't leave a mark
No one knows it's you Miss Jackson
Found another victim
But no one's gonna find Miss Jackson, Jackson, Jackson

You put a sour little flavor in my mouth now
You move in circles hoping no one's gonna find out

55 minutes ago
heather commented on status update by heather: "Hi"
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Jaakko I also uploaded 2 other photos. See the Photos by Jaakko I for more!
About an hour ago
animerock commented on status update by Juan: "Y quit this site u have friends that will miss u"
vga2014 replied to forum topic "Oddly enough I'm aga..." by George Montalvo, I.
About an hour ago
mailspepe737 commented profile of csbrown670: "im also 12"
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Josh commented profile of samantha: "Hey"
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